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About us

Here we are, Maurizio, Roberto and Alessandro, three brothers. 1988 we restarted the bakery we inherited from our dad, Angelo, best known as Nani of the Scalitý. Our nickname, Scalitý, just comes from the business our dad exercised with his father, our grandpa Lorenzo, that is cakes production, especially the Scalit¨ (a kind of Panettone) and the Scalitý, that is cookies. So our dad, together with our mum Agostina, was a baker and a pastry cook. He used to work here in Lumezzane, our village, in Trieste street (which in the Fifties was called "HtrolŔc Street" = crazy Wizards Street). They had 11 children and Nani taught his trade to some of them. Now we proudly desire to make anyone know what we have learnt from him.